IT Solutions Technician Apprenticeship

IT Solutions Technicians develop, implement and maintain complete IT solutions, including their hardware infrastructure (such as servers and networks) and software (such as operating systems, middleware and applications). They work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Many such teams will be modern “DevOps” style teams, which carry out the full set of stages across the whole solution lifecycle: requirements gathering, solution development, testing, implementation and ongoing support. In more traditional organisations the team is likely to be focused more at one or other end of this broad set of activities.. If you’d like to know more about a specific apprenticeship or wish to enquire about a vacancy then, please contact us.

How Vocate Deliver

We deliver an extensive training plan that is based on a blended model of learning. This model includes structured self-learning via our e-learning platforms, live one-to-one online training sessions with subject experts, proactive support with a skills coach, regular reviews and more.

This approach allows us to develop a bespoke plan for every learner and employer. Offering flexibility around the approach to learning and developing in a professional environment. As a result of not having to travel to a college each week, we minimise disruption and maximise time spent on development which in turn maximises the benefits each apprentice gets from their course.

For more information on how we deliver our apprenticeship courses, please use the contact details found on this site and speak to one of our experts.

about the apprenticeship

This course is a combination of learning fundamental knowledge about ICT technologies, developing the competencies required to be a successful IT Solutions Technician and the behaviours that are expected of someone in a professional role.

The apprentice will work with a skills coach and mentor to produce a portfolio of work, showcasing thier competencies and behaviours throughout the apprenticeship. Alongside this development in the workplace, the apprentices will complete a range of e-learning resources and live training sessions to help cover the knowledge required within this course.

Learners will be expected to complete a range of tasks and projects during their employment including:

This Level 3 apprenticeship will take up to 12 months plus End Point Assessment

How is the apprenticeship assessed?

At the end of the apprenticeship, the learner will go through Gateway in to the end-point assessment phase. This will include a range of assessment methods as well as a professional discussion.

This will be explained in detail at induction and at regular touch points throughout the apprenticeship.

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